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Unique training challenges demand a custom curriculum

And no one understands that better than Vale. Every company has its own set of processes, training issues and skill areas that may need more focused attention. We will partner with you to build a custom curriculum best suited for your company utilizing your materials – and our expert instructors, technology resources and full-scale mock-ups.

Whether you’re interested in a special program for auto, property or casualty claims to train appraisers, adjusters or estimators, let us help you prepare your personnel for maximum efficiency and productivity using the procedures, software and decision guidelines they will use on a daily basis.

Green Risk Professional

How Green Is Your Staff?

Vale’s Green Risks I, Green Risks II and the Green Risk Professional Certification are the industry’s first Green training and designation program. Available for training at your location and to your specific operational guidelines, these programs are designed to help you and your team take advantage of the rapidly growing market for "green" construction, and the new area of exposure they represent for insurance companies. Get your entire staff up to speed at the same time.