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We bring the classroom to you

At Vale, we understand that coordinating off-site training for a group can be a scheduling challenge. So, we offer convenient group training and certification on location at your place of business. You may select from existing courses – or customize a curriculum specifically to meet your training needs. By bringing the classroom to you, Vale On-Location can help your company realize significant productivity gains and cost savings.

Green Risk Professional

Train "Green" & Get GRP-Certified

Vale's Green Risks I, Green Risks II and the Green Risk Professional Certification are the industry's first Green training and designation program. Available for training at your location, these programs are designed to help you and your team take advantage of the rapidly growing market for "green" construction, and the new area of exposure they represent for insurance companies. Vale's unique courses teach the fundamentals of green building and address their insurance implications. Students who earn their GRP certification are designated as insurance professionals who have excelled in their understanding of green building and products – a valuable asset in this evolving market.