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TopTech Finder Partners with Vale Training Solutions to Identify Certified Dent Technicians

April 2012
TopTech Finder has partnered with Vale Training Solutions to give repairers an easy way to find Vale certified paintless dent repair (PDR) technicians by simply looking for the Vale logo on technician profiles. Read more.

Paintless Dent Repair certifications awarded to Colors on Parade

June 2011
Vale Training Solutions, a leading provider of education and Paintless Dent Repair certification services to the insurance and collision repair industry for over 60 years, announced that Colors on Parade recently became the largest group of certified PDR Technicians within one company. Over the course of 2 days in April, Colors on Parade technicians were awarded 8 Master Craftsman and 2 Journeyman certifications.

Paintless Dent Repair is rapidly taking its place as an acceptable alternative repair method for hail and minor dent damages. Considering the many benefits of PDR repair methods, such as cost-savings versus conventional repairs, non-intrusive methods, and reduced cycle time, having certification of PDR skills will ensure industry standard performance and increased customer satisfaction. Read more.

After Disasters, Claims Adjusting Professions in Demand

May 2011
In the aftermath of the recent tornados in the South and Midwest, there has been an extremely high frequency of claims and a shortage of insurance adjusters. WFAA-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth visited Vale Training Solutions in Arlington after one of the largest hail storms to hit North Texas. View the video or Read more.

Vale introduces Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting Services

December 2010
Vale's Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting services helps our clients prepare a custom-designed CSR plan by identifying and benchmarking the key performance measures that impact target audiences, defining the specific action steps and achievement values required to deploy the plan and judge its progress, and training their organization to think and act accordingly.

Building on over 60 years of industry development and training expertise as well as a commitment to sustainable business initiatives like our Green Risk Professional certification, we can lead you through this process confidently and successfully. Read more.