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Auto Examiner

Students learn to properly identify the vehicle and it's components, identify and evaluate damages, make repair vs. replace decisions, and properly enter the information in the automated estimating software.

Presentation combines classroom lecture, visual aids, and hands-on exercises. This program is performance-based; students perform practice estimates on each section of the vehicle (front, side, and rear impacts on outer body components).

Each practice estimate is reviewed by the instructor at the vehicle, culminating in a graded test estimate.

Pre-written estimates are reviewed for content and accuracy.

Graduates of this program will be able to perform damage estimates on outer body panels of cars, light trucks, vans and SUV’s, and recognize signs of structural misalignment and damage to the most commonly damaged mechanical systems. Those charged with reviewing pre-written estimates from a remote location will gain tremendous effectiveness through hands on identification of vehicle parts and systems, and experiencing the estimating process.

Continuing Education Units:

Texas 15 hours
Mississippi 15 hours
Indiana 15 hours
Georgia 15 hours
Oklahoma 15 hours
Tennessee 15 hours
North Carolina 6 hours

Canada | Manitoba 12 hours
Canada | British Columbia 8 hours

Duration: 1 Week
Price: $1,795.00
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This one-week program is designed for examiners charged with “desk” or remote review of auto damage estimates, and/or hands-on damage evaluation for fleet programs such as rental car damage managers, vehicle manufacturer lease program inspectors, State, Local, Federal, and corporate fleet managers, and appraisers evaluating drivable, non-structural losses.


Attendees must be capable of operating Windows-based programs. Sponsors will need to indicate estimating software selection at the time of Registration.


Properly identifying the vehicle and it’s equipment/options.

Estimating software

Vale is an authorized trainer for Audatex, CCC ONE, and Mitchell UltraMate estimating programs.

Paint procedures and allowances including blending.

Identifying vehicle components and systems. Component replacement options; OEM, aftermarket, salvage, and remanufactured.

Repair vs. replace decisions/repair allowances
Determining the severity of the damage, estimating repair times, and repair vs. replace guidelines.

Recognizing signs of structural/frame damage. Common frame/structural charges.

Identification of the most commonly collision-damaged mechanical components.

Suspension, Steering, and Alignment
Component overview, factors of wheel alignment; when to allow a wheel alignment on the estimate.

Interior Components

Repairs and restoration.

Estimate Review
Reviewing pre-written estimates for charges and accuracy.


Event Date Location Time Classroom
11/16/2015 Vale East - Pennsylvania 8:30 AM 5

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