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Train them to hit the ground running

Nothing prepares your staff better for on-the-job challenges they will soon face than the Vale OnSite Classroom experience. Our two state-of-the-art training facilities are fully equipped to create "real world" scenarios in which students learn through practical hands-on application - then put their new skills to the test. When it comes to ensuring your employees are ready to get the job done as estimators, examiners, appraisers and adjusters - it does not get any more real-world than this.

Auto Estimatics

Get Hands-On With Auto Estimatics® Programs

From entry-level up through professional certification, these popular programs utilize both classroom and “shop” settings to teach basic terminology, car construction, types of damage and applicable repair techniques. Students train on the actual estimating software program they will use on-the-job and get hands-on training utilizing an inventory of damaged late-model cars – as well as electronic frame measurement and alignment systems for demonstrations.

Auto Estimatics

NEW Wind and Hail Claims Course

This course is designed to help adjusters develop the skills to accurately and thoroughly assess the damages caused by wind and hail to residential and commercial structures. It teaches proper inspection procedures, the types and causes of damage, methods to determine covered losses and the best practices for producing reports that meet industry expectations.

Green Risk Professional

Train "Green" and get GRP-certified

The growing market for “green” construction means a new area of exposure for insurance companies and a tremendous opportunity for those who understand the implications. Let Vale introduce your team to the fundamentals of green building and the insurance challenges they present. A Green Risk Professional (GRP) certification is available to designate content mastery.