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Independent review for standards compliance

Discovering you have issues with the structure, accuracy, completeness and/or consistency of your claims files because of negative legal or regulatory judgments is a problem no claims manager wants. Recognizing these shortcomings early and proposing corrective measures that can prevent such outcomes is the purpose behind our OnTarget claim file auditing service.

With over 60 years of training appraisers, adjusters and estimators to not only handle claims professionally but also to complete the paperwork correctly as well, Vale Training Solutions knows what to look for and how to help you address it.

We’ll provide a comprehensive review and report on your entire claims process, detailing areas of compliance or documentation weaknesses and describing potential risks to which these flaws may leave you exposed. We’ll also show you examples of the errors uncovered and demonstrate the best practice standards that should be employed instead.

Whether your claims involve auto, property, casualty, workers’ compensation or fleet services, we can provide timely, cost-effective, professional file auditing service and remediation consultation on-site or remotely.