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Planning for personal and departmental development

Building a successful team of claims professionals who excel at performing well-defined individual responsibilities while also remaining focused on achieving vital organizational objectives is a difficult challenge. Especially in today’s cost-conscious, hiring-controlled claims management environment. And with the added daily demands of high productivity and accountability.

Fortunately, Vale Training Solutions can help. We can be your knowledgeable, independent resource to establish or update your department’s operational structure as well as to provide valuable input regarding the career path strategy of the individuals involved.

Take advantage of our over 60-year history of preparing claim professionals for performance and leadership to:

  • Define claim unit titles, duties, oversight and interaction plans
  • Identify necessary job function technical knowledge and skills
  • Recognize beneficial attitude and behavior predictors
  • Measure present proficiency levels of personnel
  • Recommend structured career path programs for various roles
  • Propose sequenced list of specific training necessary for each individual
  • Maintain an ongoing record to manage and monitor progress


Obviously, we hope clients and their employees will turn to Vale for training as they follow the personal growth plans developed in our OnTrack program, but almost every career path we’ve put together so far has included a range of courses available from a mix of sources.

Broad skill training involving topics like software and technology usage or general business and insurance knowledge are taught by many providers including our own Online learning system. But job-specific, technical courses for Adjusters, Estimators, Appraisers and Managers are our specialty.

Finally, Vale Training Solutions provides these claim career services for insurance carriers, brokers, independent insurance adjusters and self-insureds including third-party administrators, risk retention pools and government-funded entities.

We want to help you get the most out of your organization’s greatest asset – your people. Helping them reach their highest potential. Keeping them engaged. And providing a clear path to increased responsibility and reward.